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  1. Brandi and Colin – Personalized Wedding, The Corinthian with DJ Jeremy Czarniak

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    Brandi & Colin Snyder

    Personalized Wedding at The Corinthian

    March 21, 2015


    It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and chaos that come with planning your wedding. As bride Brandi realized in preparing for her very personalized wedding at The Corinthian, time can get away from you. “You can plan and prep like crazy like I did for two years and still those last few weeks will be nuts.” However, through all of the decision making it is important to remember one thing: make your wedding YOUR wedding!

    Coming up with a fitting theme or simply adding in small details that are personal to you and your fiancee is a great way to make your wedding day memorable. Brandi kept this in mind as she and her husband planned their wedding and believes that it is a big reason their day was so special.

    BrandiColin-1027 BrandiColin-1013

    Brandi personalized her wedding, tailoring the menu cards, seating charts, invitations, gift bags, table numbers, and cake toppers all to fit her and her husband Colin’s personalities. She created centerpieces using empty bottles of wine that she and her friends had shared over the years.

    “I didn’t call it a theme it was more us. I wanted the day to be us, some of our favorite things.”

    To incorporate Colin, she topped the cake with bride and groom Pez dispensers, which she said Colin has collected all his life. She also thought of Colin’s collection of vinyl records while trying to figure out how to personalize the wedding.

    “Colin is the guy who gets up super early on record store day to wait in line for limited or special release of albums. So my thought was making vinyl the table numbers. I went to a local thrift store and bought a whole bunch of 45s so I could make them into table numbers. I did have to go back though because Colin decided to keep some of them.”

    Brandi raved about the benefits of these DIY, or “do it yourself,” projects, saying they involve time and effort but the personal touch they put on a wedding and the money they save are well worth it. She also raved about her DJ Jeremy Czarniak and wedding photographer Shannon Kenyon.


    BrandiColinSnyder-WED“Jeremy was so personable, fun and just a breeze to work with! I love Broadway musicals and was able to walk down the aisle to “For Good” from Wicked. I couldn’t have thought of a better song and would never have thought of that without him suggesting it. I know that is something small and probably only means something special to me but I am still beyond ecstatic that that got to be my ceremony song because of his suggestion.”

    Brandi loved that Jeremy kept everyone on the floor at the reception with fun dancing songs and a Grease sing-a-long that everyone loved and, over all, exceeded her and Colin’s expectations.

    Brandi’s wedding photographer, Shannon Kenyon, also seemed to be big part in Brandi’s memories of the day. “I suggest to any couple to do engagement photos, you totally get to see how working with your photographer will be. Shannon was so much fun and easy to work with and was ok with every suggestion or idea I had. However, the ones she suggested were the best. She definitely has a great eye.”




    To see more Shannon Kenyon Photography:

    For DIY wedding ideas:






  2. Prelude & Dinner Music Ideas for your Wedding

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    KC and Mike

    There are many different decisions to make when choosing music for your wedding. There is your first dance, the father-daughter dance, and more to consider; including music to play before the ceremony and as guests wait for and eat their dinner. These are two of the harder musical choices to make, and a great idea is to personalize these playlists!

    Choose hits from the years you were born, the year you met, got engaged and more. When choosing songs from the younger years of your life, ask your parents and grandparents for some of their favorites! This will not only include them in the wedding planning process, but also create another musical connection for your guests to enjoy throughout the celebrations.

    What were some of your favorite songs when you first met and throughout your relationship? Use these songs as the basis for the rest of your prelude and dinner soundtrack; just remember to keep the music light and positive. By creating a mix of old and new hits, you will have a fun soundtrack that everyone will love listening to while waiting to watch you walk down the aisle!

    Need more songs to add to your evening playlist? Include some of the older songs from your special years to give older guests and relatives something to dance to as well. Usually the dance floor is crowded with the young party-goers, but this is a great chance to incorporate tunes that all your guests know and enjoy!

  3. 6 Questions to Ask Your DJ BEFORE You Hire Them


    Wedding DJWhether you are planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate event, birthday party, or any other large celebration, one of the most important aspects is your entertainment. (Let’s be honest, nobody likes a boring party!) Hosting an event that has plenty of exciting things going on will ensure that each guest has a wonderful time. But before you rush out and hire the first disc jockey or the cheapest DJ you can find, do your research and ask the right questions. A DJ has the potential to make your event the hit of the season, so make sure you know exactly what you are paying for!

    Here are six questions that you can ask your DJ before you hire them:

    What special talents do you have?

    It might seem like a funny question to ask, but you really want to find someone who has practiced their craft and can stand out from other DJs. Each DJ has their own personal skill set and not each of these individuals will have the best skills to meet your specific needs. Find out what kind of hosting and MCing skills your DJ has that can make your event a success. You want to be happy with your DJ, because they will be the one responsible for ensuring your guests are having fun keeping them at your event the whole time! The most important thing is to find a DJ who will give you and your event the attention and service you deserve.

    What is your planning process like?

    How your DJ coordinates the planning and preparation for your event will make all the difference. Many DJs offer planning sessions over the phone or through online forms. While this type of planning is time-efficient, it typically results in cookie-cutter events. The best DJs ask questions about you that go deeper than just the music. Allow your DJ to get to know you and everyone involved in the big event. Usually face-to-face meeting will bring out more possibilities than just phone calls. This will help them to learn how they can make it a day to be remembered!

    How do you select the music for my event?

    Don’t you want to have control over the types of music and songs that are played? A great DJ will help you select the best playlist – every single song if you choose. If music isn’t your thing, you can count on the DJ to gauge the audience and play the right types of music to suit the crowd.

    When selecting music with your DJ, there should be three categories. First, you’ll choose background music that guests will hear as they mingle, take a seat, or eat their meal. Second, you’ll pick out special songs to be played at times like when the bride and groom share their first dance and the father daughter dance. Lastly, you will select some dancing requests. This gives you the opportunity to let your music preferences shine. You can list which songs to play (or definitely not play) during open dancing to ensure you and your friends and family will be dancing the night away!

    Do you have feedback from past clients?

    Many DJs will have a system in place to gauge the satisfaction of their clients. Ask to see surveys or references from people whom they have worked with in the past. Any service provider who doesn’t ask for feedback is content with the services they currently provide and isn’t looking to improve themselves or their work. This is true of all types of vendors, not just DJs. You may see many reviews on wedding sites but to have your company evaluated is much more useful – and it is important to learn how they are improving their services as individuals and as a company.

    What can you do to make my event personalized and unique?

    The last thing you want is an event like all the others. You want to have an amazing and memorable time, and you want your guests to feel the same! What creative ideas can your DJ share that will help make your event more enjoyable and personal? This is where you find the distinction between a DJ who simply plays music and a DJ who provides a full array of entertainment and creates joy through music and human interaction.

    What is your pricing?

    Ask your DJ what their prices are and why. Will spending more on a full-time DJ be a better value? Is the DJ you are looking at below or above average, and why are they priced that way? Are they charging an average price because their services are average? Are their prices lower because they have less experience and lower quality work? Are their above average prices justified? Chances are that an above average priced DJ is taking into account that they are talented and that their unique services are in high demand; but definitely make sure they have the experience and references to back up their price!

    Once you find the right DJ, you’ll know and will feel confident that you are hiring the best person to help you carry out an unforgettable event!

  4. Why Choose a DJ over a Band or iPod:


    Choosing a DJ

    Planning a large event and looking to fill the entertainment void? You have so many great options when it comes to keeping your guests occupied and happy. You could hire a live band, assemble a playlist for your iPod, or (if you’re smart) you can hire a DJ for the whole night. The music at an event is always the main source of entertainment; this can make or break the occasion!


    Bands vs. DJ’s

    In theory, it sounds like a great idea to hire a band or musician to play at an event. And while we agree that there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about having a 5 -8 piece band performing live, it’s not always the best choice to have live music throughout your entire event. There is a time for live music, and a time for a DJ.

    Keep in mind that professional musicians often have a specialty. They can sing beautiful ballads but they might not be able to curate a set filled with Beyoncé and Pitbull. Even the best musicians have a limit.

    There will often be breaks in between while the musicians are adjusting equipment or quenching their thirst. It’s impossible for live musicians to keep up a solid 3 hours of entertainment.


    Pros of hiring a band

    1. Live music creates a great energy that can be felt throughout your venue. It’s not just music, it’s an experience!
    2. With bands you’ll have a unique, authentic sound that can’t be obtained any other way.
    3. The visual impact of live performances is awesome
    4. Live performances take things from a party to an “event”

    Cons of hiring a band

    1. You’ll find that often times, musicians focus more on the music and less on the schedule you have laid out for the event. Cake cutting? Too bad – they’re mid song.
    2. A natural part of having live music is the break in between songs or sets. They have to set up various instruments, make adjustments, and rest for a moment (who can blame them?!) – but it doesn’t translate well for an all night long event.
    3. Some musicians will charge extra fees if you would like them to learn a particular song. It is extra time that they have to spend seeking out and practicing the new song.
    1. Not all musicians are great with crowds. Sometimes you can find one who really knows how to work a room, but it isn’t rare to only find ones that are strictly focused on music.


    Pros of hiring a DJ

    1. With a disc jockey, your music selection is unlimited. Different genres, styles, instruments… you can truly have anything you want.
    2. DJ’s are interactive. You’ll often find your DJ joining in the audience of couple’s dances and even Father-Daughter dances.
    3. The whole JOB of a DJ is to keep the energy of the event moving. There are no breaks in disc jockeying.
    4. The price of hiring a DJ comes in much lower than hiring a whole band Cons of hiring a DJ
    5. DJ’s with no personality can ruin your event. Luckily this is easily prevented by making sure you know who you are hiring.



    In conclusion? By all means – hire a live musician that can play a few very important songs, but make sure you have DJ to back them up when they are all done.


    Why Use a DJ?

    Hiring a DJ | Kelli Burns

    DJs can be very versatile with their work. We are able to play any song ever made, create remixes, andhost the event so that everyone is connecting. . We have an endless stream of entertainment at our fingertips. Your guests have special requests? No problem. We’re great at catering to the crowd and adjusting our list to fit the party.



    How to Choose Your DJ:

    Before choosing your DJ, meet with them in person. We have invaluable information that we share with our prospects.. We’ll explain our strong suits, our capabilities, ourspecial talents, and we can see if we’re a good match. Since we will be working for you on your special day, we are totally open and respectful of your likes and dislikes.

    Don’t be afraid to request a list of references from our past clients. It’s a great way to hear directly from people who have worked with us and know how we perform.

    If you have specific needs or accommodations that need to be fulfilled, mention it during our meeting, so you will know right away if we will be a good fit for your event.


    If you think it is too expensive to book a professional DJ, then wait till you hire an amateur!


  5. How Can Up-lighting Improve Your Event?

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    Up-Lighting Kelli Burns

    What is Up-lighting?

    Up-lighting is a light source that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. This lighting is typically aimed up towards the wall and ceiling to create a glow over venue. The secret to creating this ambiance lies within the type of lighting and also where to place the lighting fixtures. This simple process can create an aesthetically pleasing and exciting environment for every guest! Event up-lighting will enhance and boost the already gorgeous aspects of your occasion.

    Up-lighting can usually come in an assortment of colors to accent your event perfectly. Also, it can be used just about anywhere in your venue, so you can spotlight certain areas or make your whole entire perimeter glow! Typically being controlled from the DJ or they can be wireless and battery operated, your up-lighting can change colors, patterns and intensity throughout the night.

    You’ll be able to discuss with Kelli the details of how you want your up-lighting to perform. We can provide static lighting where the colors stay the same, or we can create programmable lighting which will change colors and create movement within the room. The size of your event perimeter and the number of people who will be attending your event will determine the amount of up-lighting you will need.

    Benefits of Event Up-lighting

    • You can bring your party from “drab” to fab!”
    • This source of luminescence can completely change the look and feel of an entire venue and emotion. If your venue isn’t the beautiful setting you dreamed of (or even if you simply want to boost beautiful features) up-lighting could transform the space to a beautiful and stunning atmosphere, therefore creating more excitement.
    • Make a room appear larger and more spacious
    • Create a color scheme to perfectly accent your event
    • If your venue is a stunning space, you want all of its features to be shown off
    • Takes the place of extra or unneeded décor that may be more expensive.

    Questions to consider with up-lighting:

    Up-lighting at The University Club

    Most event venues are rigged to be able to accommodate up-lighting with plenty of outlets spread throughout. But if you are celebrating with an outdoor wedding or have chosen a primitive location, you’ll need to make sure you have the details figured out. Wireless and battery operated units are available for these scenarios.

    How many rooms are you lighting? Multiple areas filled with up-lights leaves a profound effect.

    Are there areas that would do better with extra lighting? We can help you figure it out!

    Is your event mostly taking place at night or day? Up-lighting leaves the best impressions in a normally dim ambiance and is therefore better suited for nighttime events.

    Typical Uses for Up-lighting:

    • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
    • Bar Mitzvahs
    • Corporate Events
    • Anniversary Parties
    • Holiday Parties
    • Galas/Fundraisers
    • School Dances
    • Birthday Parties
    • Graduation Parties
    • Night time events
  6. We’ve Got a Brand New Look!

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    Welcome to the new!

    For several months, we’ve been working to build a new, more informative website for our clients. We wanted the site to be a place to show you what our team is all about, explain all of the perks that come with a Kelli Burns “production,” and share your beautiful stories of love and celebration.

    We’re excited to launch the site in time for soon-to-be brides to browse and for businesses to get a head start on planning their company parties for 2014. For the past 25 years, I’ve choreographed hundreds of weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events. Happy couples, parents, and guests have been the true motivation behind Kelli Burns Entertainment, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Explore our website and let us know what you think! If you’ve got an event coming up, fill out the form on our Contact page or give us a call at 412-276-5665 to schedule your free consultation.

    We can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2014.