Brandi and Colin – Personalized Wedding, The Corinthian with DJ Jeremy Czarniak

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Brandi & Colin Snyder

Personalized Wedding at The Corinthian

March 21, 2015


It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and chaos that come with planning your wedding. As bride Brandi realized in preparing for her very personalized wedding at The Corinthian, time can get away from you. “You can plan and prep like crazy like I did for two years and still those last few weeks will be nuts.” However, through all of the decision making it is important to remember one thing: make your wedding YOUR wedding!

Coming up with a fitting theme or simply adding in small details that are personal to you and your fiancee is a great way to make your wedding day memorable. Brandi kept this in mind as she and her husband planned their wedding and believes that it is a big reason their day was so special.

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Brandi personalized her wedding, tailoring the menu cards, seating charts, invitations, gift bags, table numbers, and cake toppers all to fit her and her husband Colin’s personalities. She created centerpieces using empty bottles of wine that she and her friends had shared over the years.

“I didn’t call it a theme it was more us. I wanted the day to be us, some of our favorite things.”

To incorporate Colin, she topped the cake with bride and groom Pez dispensers, which she said Colin has collected all his life. She also thought of Colin’s collection of vinyl records while trying to figure out how to personalize the wedding.

“Colin is the guy who gets up super early on record store day to wait in line for limited or special release of albums. So my thought was making vinyl the table numbers. I went to a local thrift store and bought a whole bunch of 45s so I could make them into table numbers. I did have to go back though because Colin decided to keep some of them.”

Brandi raved about the benefits of these DIY, or “do it yourself,” projects, saying they involve time and effort but the personal touch they put on a wedding and the money they save are well worth it. She also raved about her DJ Jeremy Czarniak and wedding photographer Shannon Kenyon.


BrandiColinSnyder-WED“Jeremy was so personable, fun and just a breeze to work with! I love Broadway musicals and was able to walk down the aisle to “For Good” from Wicked. I couldn’t have thought of a better song and would never have thought of that without him suggesting it. I know that is something small and probably only means something special to me but I am still beyond ecstatic that that got to be my ceremony song because of his suggestion.”

Brandi loved that Jeremy kept everyone on the floor at the reception with fun dancing songs and a Grease sing-a-long that everyone loved and, over all, exceeded her and Colin’s expectations.

Brandi’s wedding photographer, Shannon Kenyon, also seemed to be big part in Brandi’s memories of the day. “I suggest to any couple to do engagement photos, you totally get to see how working with your photographer will be. Shannon was so much fun and easy to work with and was ok with every suggestion or idea I had. However, the ones she suggested were the best. She definitely has a great eye.”




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