Why Choose a DJ over a Band or iPod:


Choosing a DJ

Planning a large event and looking to fill the entertainment void? You have so many great options when it comes to keeping your guests occupied and happy. You could hire a live band, assemble a playlist for your iPod, or (if you’re smart) you can hire a DJ for the whole night. The music at an event is always the main source of entertainment; this can make or break the occasion!


Bands vs. DJ’s

In theory, it sounds like a great idea to hire a band or musician to play at an event. And while we agree that there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about having a 5 -8 piece band performing live, it’s not always the best choice to have live music throughout your entire event. There is a time for live music, and a time for a DJ.

Keep in mind that professional musicians often have a specialty. They can sing beautiful ballads but they might not be able to curate a set filled with Beyoncé and Pitbull. Even the best musicians have a limit.

There will often be breaks in between while the musicians are adjusting equipment or quenching their thirst. It’s impossible for live musicians to keep up a solid 3 hours of entertainment.


Pros of hiring a band

  1. Live music creates a great energy that can be felt throughout your venue. It’s not just music, it’s an experience!
  2. With bands you’ll have a unique, authentic sound that can’t be obtained any other way.
  3. The visual impact of live performances is awesome
  4. Live performances take things from a party to an “event”

Cons of hiring a band

  1. You’ll find that often times, musicians focus more on the music and less on the schedule you have laid out for the event. Cake cutting? Too bad – they’re mid song.
  2. A natural part of having live music is the break in between songs or sets. They have to set up various instruments, make adjustments, and rest for a moment (who can blame them?!) – but it doesn’t translate well for an all night long event.
  3. Some musicians will charge extra fees if you would like them to learn a particular song. It is extra time that they have to spend seeking out and practicing the new song.
  1. Not all musicians are great with crowds. Sometimes you can find one who really knows how to work a room, but it isn’t rare to only find ones that are strictly focused on music.


Pros of hiring a DJ

  1. With a disc jockey, your music selection is unlimited. Different genres, styles, instruments… you can truly have anything you want.
  2. DJ’s are interactive. You’ll often find your DJ joining in the audience of couple’s dances and even Father-Daughter dances.
  3. The whole JOB of a DJ is to keep the energy of the event moving. There are no breaks in disc jockeying.
  4. The price of hiring a DJ comes in much lower than hiring a whole band Cons of hiring a DJ
  5. DJ’s with no personality can ruin your event. Luckily this is easily prevented by making sure you know who you are hiring.



In conclusion? By all means – hire a live musician that can play a few very important songs, but make sure you have DJ to back them up when they are all done.


Why Use a DJ?

Hiring a DJ | Kelli Burns

DJs can be very versatile with their work. We are able to play any song ever made, create remixes, andhost the event so that everyone is connecting. . We have an endless stream of entertainment at our fingertips. Your guests have special requests? No problem. We’re great at catering to the crowd and adjusting our list to fit the party.



How to Choose Your DJ:

Before choosing your DJ, meet with them in person. We have invaluable information that we share with our prospects.. We’ll explain our strong suits, our capabilities, ourspecial talents, and we can see if we’re a good match. Since we will be working for you on your special day, we are totally open and respectful of your likes and dislikes.

Don’t be afraid to request a list of references from our past clients. It’s a great way to hear directly from people who have worked with us and know how we perform.

If you have specific needs or accommodations that need to be fulfilled, mention it during our meeting, so you will know right away if we will be a good fit for your event.


If you think it is too expensive to book a professional DJ, then wait till you hire an amateur!



  1. Burt Silver

    I like that you mentioned that using a DJ will help the energy of the event stay at a good level. My fiance and I are planning a wedding for next year, and we want it to be a party for everybody who is there. It is important to us that the music makes it easy to have fun. We will keep that in mind as we look for the right DJ.

  2. Violette Lebrac

    I like that you pointed out how live entertainment can mean unlimited music selection. My sister will be getting married in three months and she’s been debating having live entertainment. I can see how having a live DJ would open up the music possibilities for an event.

  3. Ashley Turns

    Thanks for pointing out that choosing a Dj for your wedding means that you will have an unlimited amount of music to choose from and cool remixes as well. My fiance and I are planning our wedding, and we are wondering what the best option is for our music. Since a DJ has so many options, we will definitely be going with one for our reception.

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