Centerpieces 4 Seniors

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Don’t flowers just make you smile? After visiting many nursing homes it occurred to us that having fresh flowers could make the nursing homes brighter and happier. Dazzling flowers immediately bring smiles and excitement to a mundane day.

This is how the idea started. Simply bring in flowers for the residents of nursing homes to brighten their dining rooms and start a wonderful conversation.

Then the idea grew. Knowing that I perform at weddings and other events, I thought it would be good to save the centerpieces that were destined for the trash. By donating flowers to local nursing homes we keep the party going! Then we got other professionals like DJ Jeremy Ganss, Ansley Esterline from Bliss Events, and Melissa from the Blooming Dahlia involved in the program.

With their help we were able to make 6 arrangements out of just one centerpiece!

We are now in our 3rd month of making a difference in senior lives.. The re-purposed centerpieces are delivered to local nursing homes to bring happiness and cheer to the residents and care givers. We share small details of the fun event and residents begin to connect with pleasurable events from their past. Seeing seniors smile as they talk about the centerpieces and enjoy their dining tables is so refreshing!



How Can You Help?

Let us know if you have an event and are willing to join us in brightening the lives of seniors. Donated centerpieces will be picked up at your event and delivered by Centerpieces 4 Seniors friends.

Thank you!

Kelli Burns and Rose Davidson



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