How Can Up-lighting Improve Your Event?

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Up-Lighting Kelli Burns

What is Up-lighting?

Up-lighting is a light source that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. This lighting is typically aimed up towards the wall and ceiling to create a glow over venue. The secret to creating this ambiance lies within the type of lighting and also where to place the lighting fixtures. This simple process can create an aesthetically pleasing and exciting environment for every guest! Event up-lighting will enhance and boost the already gorgeous aspects of your occasion.

Up-lighting can usually come in an assortment of colors to accent your event perfectly. Also, it can be used just about anywhere in your venue, so you can spotlight certain areas or make your whole entire perimeter glow! Typically being controlled from the DJ or they can be wireless and battery operated, your up-lighting can change colors, patterns and intensity throughout the night.

You’ll be able to discuss with Kelli the details of how you want your up-lighting to perform. We can provide static lighting where the colors stay the same, or we can create programmable lighting which will change colors and create movement within the room. The size of your event perimeter and the number of people who will be attending your event will determine the amount of up-lighting you will need.

Benefits of Event Up-lighting

  • You can bring your party from “drab” to fab!”
  • This source of luminescence can completely change the look and feel of an entire venue and emotion. If your venue isn’t the beautiful setting you dreamed of (or even if you simply want to boost beautiful features) up-lighting could transform the space to a beautiful and stunning atmosphere, therefore creating more excitement.
  • Make a room appear larger and more spacious
  • Create a color scheme to perfectly accent your event
  • If your venue is a stunning space, you want all of its features to be shown off
  • Takes the place of extra or unneeded décor that may be more expensive.

Questions to consider with up-lighting:

Up-lighting at The University Club

Most event venues are rigged to be able to accommodate up-lighting with plenty of outlets spread throughout. But if you are celebrating with an outdoor wedding or have chosen a primitive location, you’ll need to make sure you have the details figured out. Wireless and battery operated units are available for these scenarios.

How many rooms are you lighting? Multiple areas filled with up-lights leaves a profound effect.

Are there areas that would do better with extra lighting? We can help you figure it out!

Is your event mostly taking place at night or day? Up-lighting leaves the best impressions in a normally dim ambiance and is therefore better suited for nighttime events.

Typical Uses for Up-lighting:

  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Events
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Galas/Fundraisers
  • School Dances
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Night time events

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